Real-Time BUILDING & STRUCTURAL Movement and Settlement Monitoring Specialist Malaysia

In our REAL-TIME BUILDING & STRUCTURAL MOVEMENT and SETTLEMENT instrumentation and monitoring service in Malaysia, internet-enabled high resolution cameras are attached on the existing optical levels, to detect any minute (vertical and horizontal) movements of the target buildings in Malaysia. The camera takes continuous images of the targets via the high precision optical level and uses Image processing algorithm to compute the vertical (or settlement) and horizontal movements of the target. Multiple dumpy levels can be installed along the columns and walls of buildings, linking each together to give continuous movement monitoring for the entire building. The equipment also comes with battery units for rural area monitoring, which can last for 3-6 months of continuous monitoring without charging.

Real-Time GROUND Settlement and Movement Monitoring 

Similar to Real-Time Building & Structural Settlement and Movement Monitoring mentioned above; in the Real-Time GROUND settlement and movement monitoring, the Internet-enabled Optical Levels are installed on the ground concrete plinths, to detect any minute ground movements in respect to the nearest TBM. Multiple optical levels are daisy-chained to provide holistic information about the ground movements and levels. Early warning can be sent out to respective stakeholders for remedy actions.

Our REAL-TIME BUILDING, STRUCTURAL & GROUND MOVEMENT and SETTLEMENT Instrumentation and Monitoring services in Malaysia are suitable for monitoring buildings, structures, ground and soil condition and for the projects such as deep excavation, hillside development, excavation and backfilling, land reclamation, environmental monitoring, hillside monitoring, slope monitoring, slope stabilisation,  MRT systems, LRT systems, railway rails, highrise buildings, highway, bridges, tunnels, ports, airport, etc.
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