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The SLYDE watch from HD3 brings together cutting-edge technology and Swiss watchmaking to create a new standard in the watchmaking business.chopard fake watches The 'crazy' creation has a personalized touch screen display that responds to an event, command, or specific moment. The SLYDE watch is an amazing digital representation of Swiss watchmaking.

The SLYDE was developed by HD3 engineers over a period of three years. Although they had a lot of experience in creating high-end, expensive mechanical watches, this was their first encounter with a PC user interface that allows for customization. It is quite impressive.

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A micro-controller can process hundreds of images per second and allow you to navigate through multiple screens quickly. Each screen displays a different function such as a timer,chopard replica watches countdown timer and a chronograph. A micro-controller also has a full calendar and moon phase indicators. It can also perform special functions like linking images with calendar data. These functions aren't the most important, but they're still fun. You can upload images to your Slyde and link them with a date.Blancpain Replica The timer will count down the time until that date arrives. It can also track the time that has elapsed since a given date.

A Touch Screen That Provides Great Fun You can then access many screens by simply touching it on the surface. It's easy and fun. HD3 will create new "virtual movements" that will soon be accessible for download. You will be able to choose from a variety of watch skins. These skins must look like mechanical timepieces. It is made of sapphire crystal which is scratch-resistant.