REAL-TIME GROUND VIBRATION Instrumentation and Monitoring Specialist Malaysia

Similar to Real-Time Structural Vibration Monitoring technics; in our Real-Time GROUND VIBRATION Monitoring service, 3-directional geophones are installed on the ground subsoil or bed rock layers to measure the vibration or seismic wave transmitted via the ground. The vibration is measured in mm/s, and range from 1Hz to 100Hz vibration frequency.

Once the measured vibration velocity exceeds the limits recommended by the local authority, the sensors send a data and inform the stakeholders via emails. Additional sirens and alarms can be attached to the sensors to provide onsite warning to people around the monitoring points.

Our Real-Time GROUND VIBRATION Monitoring service in Malaysia are suitable for monitoring the ground of your projects in Malaysia such as MRT systems, LRT systems, railway rails, highrise buildings, highway, bridges, tunnels, ports, airport, etc.

Call our instrumentation and monitoring specialist now for advice on our Real-Time GROUND VIBRATION Monitoring for your projects or buildings in Malaysia.