DILAPIDATION SURVEY to be done BEFORE piling, deep excavation, construction, renovation and before taking over superstructure works.

A dilapidation survey or a pre construction condition survey will quickly resolve arguments & minimise your valuable money and time lost in arguing about building damage. A detailed dilapidation survey report will also avoid potential legal fees incurred to address any building damage dispute.

Dilapidation Survey Specialist Malaysia | Building Dilapidation Survey Company Malaysia

P-CON Building Surveyors Sdn Bhd provides professional Dilapidation Survey service (also known as Pre-construction condition survey) for all construction and development projects, as well as renovation and refurbishment projects in Malaysia.

Dilapidation Survey is done by professional building surveyor in inspection of the existing structural condition of buildings and structure adjoining to the proposed construction site. We do a dilapidation survey record and dilapidation survey report before developers or contractors start any excavation, piling work, demolition, renovation or construction of new projects or developments in Malaysia. Dilapidation survey inspection record and dilapidation report are important serving as an accurate record of pre-construction condition and post-construction on the condition of buildings and structures adjoining to the construction or development projects in Malaysia.

Speak to our professional Building Surveyors and Registered Building Surveyors in Malaysia now for free consultation and free advice on professional independent dilapidation survey service for your projects in Malaysia. We welcome any enquiry on building dilapidation & inspection service and property dilapidation survey for buildings and structures in Kuala Lumpur, Klang Valley, Selangor and all other states in Malaysia, including Sabah & Sarawak.